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So What Is It That I Can Do For You?

So many people spend a lifetime trying to ‘fix’ themselves, trying to ‘fit in’ in order to be perfect in the eyes of others, however they always continue to fall short and in turn, fuel their own story of ‘never feeling enough’.

Sound familiar?

I lived in this space for many years. I forgot that I had a choice. I believed I had to settle with the ‘hand I was dealt’. I didn’t realise I was worthy of a life of joy and happiness.

I knew isolation, despair and anxiety intimately.

I waited for the pile up of the trauma, crisis, loss and disease to hit and rock my life to its core, and it did exactly that.

This is the journey of how I became the source of my own inner and outer transformation and healing, what action steps i took in order to turn my world around.

I know how you feel right now better than you can describe it in words to anyone.

I know you want things to change but you don’t know where to begin.

I'm here to tell you that you have what it takes to become the change you want to see in your world, and I am here to show you how.


I will take you to a place where you will develop a deep and profound understanding of who you truly are.

The version that,when you present your authentic,imperfect self to the world, what transpires is your innate sense of self love, self acceptance and self worth transform organically, and in turn become your superpower!  

Once this happens, prepare for the unimaginable to happen in the best possible way ever!

You become fearless in the pursuit of your happiness and you begin to live the life you came here to live.

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My Story (So Far)


I am Melissa Deehan, a wayshower, teacher and mentor, here to empower individuals who are ready to transform the trauma of their past into the treasure of their present, unlocking multiple gateways of possibility to the future.

I assist people who have become so painfully lost in suffering and attachment to the story of their life, the illusions of their mind, the heartbreak of their past, immobilised by fear, and the distorted idea that they have no choice to implement change in their lives.

I help people restore the severed connection within, reminding the weary that they are strong; reminding those who never felt like they were enough, that they are worthy; reminding the victims that they have a choice, and reminding those who have felt unlovable that they are love and they are loved.


When balance is restored within, and a reconnection is made between the heart and the mind, working together in synergy, the courage to be your authentic self is revealed, and the vulnerability you once ran from becomes your new superpower, assisting you with the greatest shift of your life.

The shift in your mindset, your emotions, your beliefs and thought processes.

The shift in your awareness, your consciousness and your ability to transform every little thing around you.

The shift from the deception of fear to the absolute truth of love.

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