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 Meet the Secret Ninja Acorns

Sid, Mike, Isaac, Louis and Eve


Beneath the most magical giant oak tree, in the garden of their new home, the lives of two little brothers are about to change forever as they capture way more than they expect when the 'Secret Ninja Acorns' show up and transform the way they see the world, teaching them all the ways of these peaceful little warriors - a world where they get to embrace all of who they are, instead of trying to 'fit-in'.


'The Epic Adventures Of The Secret Ninja Acorns'
Presented By Melissa Deehan

Fearless in the pursuit of happiness, and passionate about reminding each and every reader that they are the creator of their very own epic adventure, Melissa lives in the heart of Ireland with her children Erin, Charlie and Sean, and her husband Rob, where their real-life adventures inspire the magic created in each and every page of this story.

‘The Epic adventures of the secret ninja acorns’ is the first in a series of books created by Melissa, offering children of all ages a powerful, yet simplistic introduction to the wonderful world of mindfulness, meditation, and the awareness to tap into the incredible gift of their emotions.

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A children's book that nurtures...


Awareness to experience the world through the unfiltered unique lens of the child


Compassion for the self and for others from many perspectives


Understanding the vast array of emotions children experience and methods to navigate them


Acceptance of self, acceptance of others, and the celebration of our differences


"What is Meditation?" asked Sean...

"Meditation is the practice of being here…Now," said Mike.

"Meditation is remembering to breathe," said Isaac.

"Meditation is letting the thoughts inside your head go quietly to sleep" said Louis.

"Meditation is also being aware of what's happening around us," noted Eve.

"Meditation is listening to your body, too. It's all of these things and much more", added Sid.

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