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I have studied variations of many different healing modalities since I began on my journey back in 2007. 

However the effects of these therapies always felt fleeting, because ultimately no matter how deeply I went, my habitual patterns and programmes would eventually resurface, and I was back where I started.

Despite all years of study, courses, guru’s, accreditations, retreats, teaching others, books, etc….cyclical patterns and lessons continued to repeat, and I couldn’t understand why.

When I began deep shadow integration work in 2018, I believed I had done enough of the inner work over the years to take me to the deepest part of my own personal healing.

Fast forward to July 2019, and I had stagnated in a place where the history of my life was repeating right in front of my very eyes, and I felt helpless to stop it. Playing out under the disguise of different people or situations, I recognised the energy of those experiences and lessons immediately.

I felt like I had a thousand puzzle pieces suspended mid air, representing trauma, addiction, stress, anxiety, relationships finances, etc believing I had dealt with them, yet feeling and knowing if I truly had, they couldn’t possibly repeat.

So in August 2019, I began the journey to put these puzzle pieces together under the guidance of the creator of this alchemy ZEROPOINTING, Morgan Lee.

Exploring my personal thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions and experiences of everything and everyone in my life, along with my judgements, projections, attachments and distorted perceptions of the story of my life to date, I began the process of zeropointing.

Almost daily for a year, often for many hours at a time, I delved deeper and deeper within to uncover the deep seated programming responsible for keeping me locked in my mind, denying me the capacity to live through and from my heart and in turn causing me to repeat what I was incapable of recognising within me.

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