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A Love Letter To Alcohol

The ‘inner work’ isn’t easy.

It takes you to unexperienced depths.

It’s takes you to places you would rather leave buried.

It’s reminds you of things you would rather erase from your memory and re-engages memories that are for most people, best left forgotten.

It puts the spotlight on life events, people, situations, experiences that people try to leave in the dark.

‘Inner work’ is realising that all of the above can NEVER remain buried, hidden, suppressed or forgotten as long as it is held within you.

It has nowhere to go.

‘Inner work’ is being triggered by another, having their ‘stuff’ collide with your ‘stuff’, Co-Creating a monumental shit-show, only to realise that their stuff IS YOURS! mirroring back to you any dormant, unaddressed, unresolved ‘stuff’ that stubbornly refuses to leave the building until the building finally goes up in flames in order to get your attention

and a choicepoint transpires…

Offering you the option to deep dive into the shit-pit of your history with the opportunity to smash the wheel of generational patterns, deep seated programming, co-dependent tendencies, addiction and more….

Or not…. #choicepoint

Yesterday I took that opportunity, and following a month of layered ‘Zeropointing’ on a specific, deep seated wound, I share what my deep dive yeilded….

‘My love letter to Alcohol’

Uncertainty unreliability Inconsistency. Antagonised aggravated provoked. Disrespected criticised hurt. The incapacity to ever keep your word.

Judgements spill from your mouth, Like venom lethal to the heart, Poisoning everything you hold sacred Contaminating everything, Leaving monumental scars.

Oblivious to the destruction it causes, In denial of repeated assaults. The damage doesn’t need to be physical For words to shatter a vulnerable heart.

Destruction devastation indifference. Instability insecurity fear. ‘Never knowing where you stand emotionally speaking’ A way of life, intimately known, destined to repeat.

Depleted mistreated exhausted, Un-prioritised disregarded forgotten, Reactive reckless and harsh, No accountability, No responsibility acknowledged.

Unaware of the pain caused to others. Unconscious of the effects of your choice. Oblivious to patterns repeating, Unbearable grief for many, Insurmountable, unspeakable loss.

The unearthing of wounds isn’t easy. Forgiveness vital for the restoration of peace. Compassion vital for the understanding, That what was generational, Ends now with me.

(Do the inner work! …it’s worth it…I promise you…no one needs to carry shit like this! )

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