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Be The Change

My mind craves silence. My emotions crave ‘the void’. My thoughts crave the synchronisation of the heart, the body and the mind.

The noise is oh so loud now, Voices pierce through my ears Demanding that I listen To your bullshit, your drama’s And your projected fears.

I swear I can feel everything now Each emotion magnified in the dream Every cell in my body reactive To the illusion of pain as it screams.

Sometimes I can’t decipher the difference Between the illusion of the dream, and the knowing deep within me, this is all temporary, an experience, Yes…a dream.

The hostility builds around me, The opinions needing to be screamed. The voices demanding to be heard now As I witness humanity crumbling to its knees.

Where is your compassion? Where are your lost dreams? Where is the memory of your freedom? Have you forgotten your Sovereignty?

You have a very clear choice right now, You always have and you always will, Of how you perceive the world around you to what and whom you give your attention and your energy.

The world is crying out for connection, Crying out for unity. It is begging us to be respectful Of the differences that make you, you And make me, me.

Separation will always be an issue, If left unresolved within the self. If you want to see our world turn around, then ‘be the change’, stop waiting to see it first in someone else.

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