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Drama Queen

Unbalanced in your world, don’t come and shake up mine. Confused, conflicted, in turmoil? Your world is yours and my world is mine.

I will open my mouth I will speak my truth I get to feel how I feel I get to choose what I choose

You dont see through my eyes, or feel through my heart. Dont dare tell me how I feel doesn’t matter, then disregard your own part.

Im not an emotional punch bag Willing to take low blow verbal shots. I wont be sacrificing Myself anymore, playing small, in order for you to feel ‘enough’.

I won’t be allowing your projections, your unhealed story, to penetrate my heart, as you continue to bleed all over me, over things I didn’t start.

Stop mistaking my kindness as weakness, I understand fully my worth. Remember your judgements of me are cloaked ones, concealing all that’s dormant within you, the unacknowledged, the forgotten about.

Don’t tell me Im the problem, because I speak my truth. You see me as the enemy, as I hold a mirror up to you.

Don’t tell me Im projecting, as you refuse point blank to see, that I am you, and You are me, that together we are We.

Don’t tell me Im over-reacting when my body signals residual pain, communicating that my needs aren’t met, my weary body, trying to point me in the right way.

You ask me what’s my issue, as you disregard my heart, saying things that cut right through me, not giving your harsh words as much as a second thought.

Take responsibility for your words and actions, and leave me to address mine. Take accountability and ownership, for the times when you are out of line.

Yes its easier to brand me the emotional, over dramatic, drama queen, But maybe, just maybe, the problem isnt in fact Me.

For too long we have kept our silence, over things we didn’t say, instead harboured resentment and bitterness over the past, over yesterday.

The time is now to speak your truth to use your voice and say, ‘I'm sorry but this ends now, I choose Me, this inner power, that’s here to stay’.

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