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Look Within

Yes.... It's MUCH easier to hit the pain point of another with loaded words/actions,

or indeed subliminal ones, than it is to tend to your own wounds.... but that wont ease the dormant hurt held within YOU, or make your own unaddressed "stuff" disappear or dissolve.

So it simply breaks down to this.

'Don't be an asshole'.

Everyone is doing their best right now in any given moment. Everyone, and you have no idea what another person is processing or living through, especially these days.

Be kind.

Be compassionate.

If what you have to say doesn't empower, lift, nurture or nourish another, then maybe keep it to yourself

Look within.

Take ownership for whatever it is YOU are navigating and act accordingly.

Don't be an 'unnecessary asshole'.

P.S .. if you have been an asshole, and you know it....remedy it.

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