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Owning all of Me

Don't ask me to hold your happiness, I will drop it every single time. My arms were designed to hold myself first, so please, unapologetically, get in line.

Don't ask me to see from your vantage point,

for I am guaranteed to disappoint. I see things through the lens of my perceptions,

my experiences, my own personal trials.

Don't expect me to understand your mind, the way you think, the way you act and feel. My mind is occupied with my own thoughts, My emotions, my healing and my feels.

Don't come at me with your projections when I trigger you by simply 'being' me. I'm in my own lane busy addressing my own wounded perceptions of me.

"Expectation is the root of all heartache", Yours however, no longer mine. A burden I refuse to carry When I plummet from the pedestal you placed me on,

upon which, you expect me to thrive.

My self love may sound harsh and cold hearted, but my truth is transparent to see; The accountability and responsibility for me is mine alone, and yours equally, for thee.

Imagine a world for one second, Where personal responsibility was a prevalent thing. Where ones sovereignty was celebrated and accepted, And judgement of what self love looks like to another, ceased simply to exist.

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