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Ride The Waves

Another bout of trying to decipher the madness that is…”oh my God I literally need to sleep on this very spot, or I think I'm gonna die”…..


“its 130am, i'm back up for work at 6am…I seriously should consider sleep except I'm feeling wired to the moon, have waaaay too much energy and think i'm gonna explode with all these love bombs going off in my heart”….

And that’s before we describe the day itself

Saying nothing, watching the one I love more than pancakes, simply talk, and laugh, and sing random songs…but feeling like my heart will explode into a million pieces with the love I feel for him , just watching him.

To a little while later, The desire to move, exercise, energise the body, but the zero compliance of the body to do ANYTHING other than bum about…then being a judgy bitch to myself for bumming

To having a random conversation with a beautiful Goddess who is in a world of pain, holding space in the knowing, and reflection of my own experience of what she is going through, that her pain will transform her from the caterpillar to the butterfly, even if it doesn’t feel like that right now as she begins the journey of remembering the magic that she is

To “Sleep…sleep….sleep Melissa!” ….only you cant because, well, you’re in work eh!, and aren’t REALLY getting paid to sleep….….or are you!?

To the creative burst where the energy flows and 4563 ideas hit you at once but you manage to pin down 2

To reflecting back to 2010 and relieving the memory of being hugged to within an inch of my life by my dad who has since passed and realising I want another one

To a ‘fear burst’ of the absolute unknown path ahead

To excitement for the future

To spending 90 mins lauging, crying, snots, more laughing, more crying, more snots while craving to be held by the one you want to kiss and punch at the same time cause he laughs as you rides those waves of madness but loves your randomness anyway

Yep….here’s to another day of riding the waves…falling down…getting up….being an asshole to myself for falling…loving the shit out of myself for rising anyway…feeling like a moody bitch that doesn’t want to talk to a single human…to feeling like my heart will combust, well because the sky looks phenomenal doesn’t it….to being in awe of the resilience of the human heart….to whatever, in the name of jaaaaaaaaysus the day brings up.

Ride the waves people.

Grab the surfboard.

Just remember to ‘Love Yourself’ regardless.

Ooooh and laugh…at yourself! …that shits good for you!

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