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The Heart On Fire

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

The fire is building momentum. The heat is rising, Can you feel it? The intensity of it all runs deeper, Than you could have ever possibly dreamed.

You thought you had done the work to discern the truth within the dream. Forget everything they told you, As this journey repeatedly Brings you to your knees.

As you awaken from your slumber, As you invoke access to ancient memories, As you remember the depth of your knowing ‘There is nobody here, just me’.

I witness myself in all people, As I resist to accept all of me. I refuse to heal my broken heart When I deny the distortions existing within me.

My awareness sometimes evades me As old pain penetrates old wounds. My suffering spilling over Onto those dancing with me amongst my ruins.

And though it is never the intention To hurt, to harm, to wound; The realisations of what we have allowed and endured Permeates every emotion now, every thought, every human.

Discernment absolutely paramount now, As the flames burn higher and higher, Illuminating all that needs to be purified, Fear of the unknown, proving to be an irrevocable liar.

Stand back from the flames that rage now Hold fast to the truth within To hold the frequency of love, the remedy. Detachment, the only action necessary to take.

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