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The Space Between Worlds

It feels like having one foot in one world and one foot in another, but being asked to live whole heartedly in both.

It feels like grief all over…..again.

It feels like I have lost people I found and have loved beyond words, all over…. again.

It feels like the matrix of what I believed is my life and reality, has been dismantling right before my very eyes….. again.

And yet it is all so very different.

It feels like a deeper detachment from the identification of anything and everything that is no longer in sync or resonance with what I know profoundly to be exclusively my truth.

It feels like a necessary silence from the external world, and all or any distractions that try to pull me out of my centre.

It feels like a profound journey of reconnection with my mind, heart and as of now with my physical body.

Ive felt like an alien within my own skin for months now, a stranger, quietly recalibrating what it means to see through new eyes, feel through a new heart, hear through new ears and re-embodying an ancient knowing – stagnant, waiting patiently for me to remember.

My only task for months now has been choosing myself over and over and over again.

My only goal has been peeling away anything and everything that has surfaced for me, causing me any semblance of human pain and suffering and getting intimate with it to uncover its treasure buried within.

My only purpose has been to reconnect the shards of me, scattered across many, many lifetimes and timelines, in order to recognise once again, the essence of the energy that I Am and step into my role fully.

I am a ‘Connector’.


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