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They Didn't Understand

They didn’t understand The destruction they would cause When they showed you who they were; When they projected their pain and broken-ness Onto your innocent, precious heart.

They didn’t understand the panic they would create, When they left you all alone; Their overwhelm was never yours to carry, They just simply ‘didn’t know’.

They didn’t understand the power Behind each and every word, Never realising their judgements of you, Were a mirror of their own unhealed, open wounds.

They didn’t understand their actions Spoke louder than their words; That the ways they showed they loved you, Often caused more damage, leaving deeper wounds.

They didn’t understand the concept ‘we repeat all we don’t repair’, Repeating cycles and patterns, Perpetuating generational despair.

You see they were broken children, Trying simply to survive In a world so very broken, Shattering cycles? For them - an unknown fight.

And while you witness their patterns, Discerning what is yours and what is not, Allow some space for Forgiveness For the broken children That time forgot.

© melissa deehan artist - Anna Lee

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