Time Travelling With My Seven Year Old Self

I've been time travelling with this little one a lot lately. She has shown me a tremendous amount of things in quite a condensed period of time. Her wisdom relentlessly leaves me is awe.

I didn’t think it was possible- this time travelling business!

You see she was quiet for a very long time. Forgotten about to be completely honest.

I didnt think she was important.

I didn’t think it really mattered what she said or thought at this stage in my life.

She was just a memory of someone from 30+ years ago. I mean she’s a cute little thing, but I figured now she’s just somebody that I used to know right?

What does she even matter?

Then as I dived deep into the world of Zeropointing, it turned out that she was one of the crucial keys to enable me to put my puzzle pieces back together.

As I time travel, we reconnect.

In this space of reconnection, we communicate.

I ask her lots of questions, to which she is only too eager to engage with.

She is full of life, and enthusiasm and innocence. God I love her energy.

I ask her things that she was never asked before.

I ask her things like….

‘what are YOUR thoughts?’

‘What are YOUR feelings?’

‘What are YOUR beliefs?’ ‘What are the emotions YOU experience’? regarding the situations or people I am Zeropointing in that moment.

I allow her to BE SEEN…to BE HEARD…to BE LOVED…to BE HELD…to BE CARED FOR.


I allow her to voice anything she needs to express NOW that she never had the opportunity to back THEN, because you see, this little one is now on MY watch!

And on my watch as the conscious, aware, present version of her, I will endeavour to be the source of everything and anything she needs moving forward.

When she steps forward now in my present timeline, I recognise her energy instantaneously.

I ask her every time now…’what do you need’?

I nourish my connection with her.

The more I do this, the more we reconnect.

The more we reconnect the more we communicate.

The more we communicate, the more she trusts me.

The more she trusts me, the more we work together as a team to become unified, and now inseparable.

Other versions of me from other timelines have also become key components in the grand puzzle that is my story, but for now, I’d like to honour this little one who has helped me and continues to help me to hit the ground running, and who’s courage and heart I continue to be captivated by, each and every day.

She or He lives right now within you.

Nourish the kid. They need you.

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