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Until Now

What hope have the next generation if this one doesn’t get its shit together, and soon.

We are a generation traumatised.

Another generation craving love, safety, acceptance and a depth of authentic connection that we almost destroyed ourselves beyond recognition in the process, just to get a glimpse of, a taste of, a fragment of..... fleeting, always temporary.

We have inherited the pain and suffering of each and every generation before us.

We are the descendants of unacknowledged and undealt-with trauma

Until now.

Humanity has been taken to its knees...Again!

Showing us all of the places we abandoned and disowned our life force, the places where we became depleted, diminished, the living dead.

The floodlight is now upon us, highlighting everything and anything not honouring or in alignment in our world....Again!

Demanding, not asking politely anymore, that we stand the fuck up and also honour all that it has taken to get here, all that you have gone through to get to this now moment, to learn from it, to grow from it, and to do things differently now, because we can.

To be Heart led.... doing the opposite of what the mind has commanded until now.

To honour the journey of all that we traded our sovereignty for, our authenticity for, the love that we are for, to just make it to this very second.

On that journey, we traded everything, only to come to know and live repetitive cycles of indescribable disconnection, soul destroying separation, the presence of so much control we completely lost all memories of who we are, which in turn has walked hand in hand with profound Loss and Grief that has haunted us to this very moment.

We forgot what love looked like. Real love...true love.....self love.

We have fuelled this generational separation, perpetuated this generational disconnection, Gone to war time and time and time again with ourselves, only to lose more and more of ourselves to the cycles of the past, because its all we have known and lived.

Experiences repeated over and over that guaranteed the annihilation of our innocence,

our spirit, our will.

Until now.

Now we remember....

Our remembering is our gift. Our awareness is our gift, and our freedom from our perpetuated history.

And yet what good is this remembering if we dismiss our deep seated truth when stood toe-to-toe with our old story.... Do we remember the truth of our being, the truth of our knowing, the truth of our core, Or instead default to relive our trauma, pain, suffering all over again?

This is more than an awakening.

This is a Dismantling.

Dismantling everything we are not.

Remembering everything that we are.

The double edge sword we clung to, while taking off the armour we have so desperately clung to for safety.

In this dismantling we are simultaneously remembering who we are, while taking down everything that we have remembered we are not... as Susan Grace so wonderfully put it today, allowing ourselves to "shatter into wholeness".

Generations perpetuated cycles of trauma unknowingly, but your remembering shows you the opposite... so this ends right now with you should you choose.

We get the choice to rewrite our history, create portals to walk through as whole, healed, aware, loving version of ourselves now so that the next generation coming behind us wont have to endure what was knowingly ours.


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