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Zeropointing our fragmented pieces

We zeropoint to reclaim the fragmented pieces of self left scattered all across our lifetime, to anchor our sovereignty and infuse our world with a new lifeforce.

Imagine doing that for a second....

rewriting the story of your life instead of reliving your past daily.

For example...Imagine knowing you left a piece of your heart in a devastating break up 5 years ago, knowing you haven't felt whole since, but no idea how to close that wound. Imagine feeling guilt over something you did in a timeline when you didn't know any better, and holding onto it ever since.

Imagine experiences consumed by your shame, embarrassment, rejection, abandonment, exclusion just to name a few, and believe you are bound to them for the rest of your life.

Imagine a world where your emotions run you instead of guiding you.

Imagine all the times you never felt seen, heard, loved, honoured, listened to as a child, a teen, a young adult and as you matured and navigated this life of yours?

Imagine being so attached to your story of humiliation, self betrayal or self sabotage you rob yourself of experiencing the entirety of the love that you are, or the capacity to receive that love from another.

Imagine doing all of the above, and never realising that YOU have the ability to rewrite the entirety of your rewire your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and emotions.

Imagine being the one to put all of your puzzle pieces back together, never needing to look outside of yourself in order to accomplish this.

That is what zeropointing has done for me.

For me, Zeropointing was the removal of all emotional, mental, physical, spiritual programmes running within (the human) that allowed destructive patterns, triggers and stories repeating , while uncovering their origin and diffusing the energy that bind me to them and stopped habitual patterns repeating.

Using a specific process to uncover the information, zeropointing provided, and continues to provide lasting change as opposed to a temporary fix in my world.

Every time I think I can't possibly go any deeper on this path, zeropointing has taken me down rabbit holes within rabbit holes that have offered me the most liberating transformation of my life.

Tonight I did just that...reclaimed my fragmented heart. A new heart, minus the chaos

And the most epic ever expanding journey has only just begun.


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