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Melissa is a Facilitator

of Zero Pointing


Morgan Lee is the founder and

creator of Zero Pointing

" Let your sacred tears fall to the floor in reverence for what the heart has endured " - Melissa Deehan.


 Zeropointing is

the journey 

of  lasting inner and

outer transformation.

What is ZeroPointing?

ZeroPointing is a journey with a specific agenda -

the retrieval of the separated fractals of self into oneness.

The self lost to unconscious wounds and deep seated programs of our childhood and adolescence and those of the generations before us, our parents and ancestors; the unconscious programs responsible for creating and fuelling our pain, suffering and the cyclical patterns that continue to replay in our world.


It's Your


Zeropointing allows you to access the memory bank of your heart, and identify thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions and experiences consumed by your judgements, your distorted perceptions, unhealthy attachments and often toxic projections.

Zeropointing is a self empowering process that allows you to rediscover your true, authentic self while highlighting any hidden places duality resides within you, so these polarities can no longer have any negative impact, charge or consequence in your world.

This life altering process allows the removal of all emotional, mental, physical, spiritual programmes running within (the human) that allowed destructive patterns, triggers and stories repeating , while uncovering their origin and diffusing the energies that bind them, preventing habitual patterns repeating. 

 It enables you to access the deepest parts of yourself,

the parts hidden that only YOU can truly retrieve.

Zeropointing invites our connection to self, to the higher self, source energy, and universal intelligence to amplify beyond anything experienced ever before, leaving you with a feeling and knowing that the deeper this process takes you, peace, wholeness and a depth of understanding of the self are yours forevermore.

Zeropointing is the journey of lasting inner and outer transformation.


Zeropointing is a 6 part  process.

Calm Woman

Steps 1 & 2

Step 1 is locating the unconscious programs and zero pointing all of them.

Step 2 is downloading the programming that we do desire to implement into our lives.


Steps 3 & 4

Step 3 is locating and zero pointing all of the collective programs we have picked up 

Step 4 is aligning all of the above work fully embodied into the physical being

woman-690118_1920 (1).jpg

Steps 5 & 6

Step 5 is a fully conscious merging of the  feminine, masculine and child fully activating our own trinity 

step 6 is merging our own purpose, mission and role, activating and aligning this trinity as one. 

Reclaim the fragmented pieces of self left scattered across

timelines & lifetimes

 Read more below on how Zeropointing changed

my world.

  • Zeropointing, for me, has been the removal of all emotional, mental, physical, spiritual programmes running within me that allowed all and any destructive patterns, triggers and stories from repeating. It uncovered their origin and diffused the energy connecting me to them and stopped all habitual patterns repeating permanently.

  • I extracted the treasure from past trauma, accessing the wisdom from my wounds to apply in the now moment.

  • I diffused triggers and projections with people and situations that perpetuated suffering and pain in my life.

  • I exposed destructive, deep seated programming surrounding addiction, self sabotage, shame and anger that continuously prevented me from uncovering my true, authentic self.
  • I opened up a new world of creativity, confidence and freedom, and finally discovered my life's purpose.
  • I experienced the gift of a conscious union relationship that accelerated rapid growth and expansion, and the experience of a love beyond words.

  • I gained a deeper understanding of myself and my past.

  • I reconnected fragmented aspects of  my mind, body & soul.

  • I became the embodiment of everything I uncovered, continuing to invite and invoke true alchemy into my life.

  • Zeropointing has become a practice in my life, a way of living that enables the presence of flow, peace, ease and grace.


"I am not who I was an hour ago, 24 hours ago, a week ago, a month ago, a year ago."

Zero pointing has become a part of my daily life not out of necessity but out of the unconditional love I have found within myself. I refuse to allow anything, or anyone, especially myself, to disrupt this newfound peace and inner contentment.

As the conscious creator of my experiences, I have become the source of everything I have ever wanted or needed on my journey to this now moment. 

It is my absolute honour to share my passion, enthusiasm, dedication and experience as a connector and facilitator for a modality that is set to revolutionise the entire world on

what it truly means to heal.

How Zeropointing impacted my world

"There's always room for a story that can transport people to another place"

- J.K Rowling

I invite you to transport yourself into my story and read some of the blog posts that share how Zeropointing impacted my world personally.

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